Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 • 4–5pm • Free
Old City Coffee, 221 Church Street

Old City Coffee is excited to welcome Jim N. Ngokwey from Mighty Peace Coffee to introduce Umoja coffee and discuss the social impact of “Peace Trade” coffee in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This will be Mighty Peace Coffee’s Philadelphia debut.

Umoja coffee thrives in the Congolese forested highlands ~ elevation ranging from 1,480-2,000 meters. Excellent growing conditions yield a coffee with natural hints of cocoa and hazelnut followed by a clean, balanced finish. We'll have Umoja beans in limited quantities from February 19–25th. The coffee will be available brewed at all locations on February 22 as the coffee of the day, samples available gratis for event attendees from 4–5pm.

Might Peace Coffee partners with a cooperative of 11,600 members, mostly small farmers, men and women for whom coffee is a vital and often the sole source of income and stability.

The new crop supports 1,050 specialty famers and 600 cooperative leaders and enables multiple stakeholders to help improve the living conditions of its members; providing schooling, housing, jobs, and reducing coffee smuggling on Lake Kivu, while promoting women’s rights.


About Jim N. Ngokwey | Partner, Might Peace Coffee
Jim was born in Senegal, lives in New York City and hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He is passionate about business and is committed to using his resources to drive economic development in his beloved DRC. Philadelphia is his second home as his parents, family members and many friends live in the great city. He is a proud alumnus of Temple University and Saint Joseph’s University where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree and MBA respectively.

Jim joined Mighty Peace Coffee as his life’s mission is to contribute to the DRC’s economic development and play a part in changing the country’s narrative.


About Mighty Peace Coffee
A fully integrated social impact coffee company that provides coffee lovers and ethical businesses with the highest quality coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They share stories of Congolese farmers to inspire human connection and break the cycle of poverty and conflict through economic transformation and advocacy.

They work closely with farmers and cooperatives, logistics experts, and allies in the DRC to bring Mighty Peace beans to roasters and importers across North America.

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