Old City Blend Is UTZ Certified
Single Origin Coffee

A Single origin coffee is monogenetic bean that came from one species of the shrub coffee arabica. These coffees are generally named after their farm or original geographic home. An example of this is sold by OCC is Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima. The name communicates that the bean originates from an estate farm, the name was given by the farm to differentiate it from other similar beans on the criteria of size and quality.
The farm is 100% organic, without agrochemical inputs. Environmental preservation is a top priority at Nossa Senhora de Fatima. The farm is dedicated to replanting native tress and caring for the indigenous fauna and flora, as well as protecting the native species

Buying and selling single origin coffee is a sustainable practice because of the incentives it provides to coffee farmers. When massive coffee companies purchase coffee they incentivize combining beans to multiply the number of usable products, leading to a lower production cost and a higher profit. Small-batch roasters like Old City Coffee who buy single-origin encourage farmers to grow smaller batches with more traditional and sustainable practices. Without the need to produce exorbitant masses of coffee, farmers no longer need to rely on pesticides, larger amounts of water, and bean processing technology. Single origin production leads to a finer quality of bean while expending fewer resources.

Old City Coffee carries many single origin coffees that are traceable through our direct, responsible, and representative trade. By knowing our farms through on-going relationships, we have an intimate understanding of their particular flavor characteristics. We are also more aware of the green coffee compensation level paid to the growers that is appropriate for superior quality. We want farmers to have an incentive to shade grow great coffee and for our customers to have informed choices. Old City Blend, our best seller is direct trade coffee that is UTZ certified.