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Coffea Arabica
OCC Supports World Coffee Research

The World Coffee Research (WRC) organization has recently shared some cutting edge findings on Arabica coffee. Coffee Arabica is under pressure in terms of long term sustainability. WCR’s recent research surprisingly
shows that “98.9% of genetic coffee material is the same”! A huge departure from the original wild coffee that was adaptable and disease resistant. WCR’s work will focus on how to deal with lack of diversity, insuring that future coffee plantings will be able to thrive in the reality of a changing climate. What is OCC doing? We are sourcing the majority of our coffee from an Utz certified farm located adjacent rain forest jungle reserve. This farm inter-crops and follows sustainability best practices.
By 2020 we hope to see the fruit of WRC's research (no pun intended) with the introduction of new traditional hybrid coffee families that will grow the premium specialty coffee of the future.For more information: and

Heirloom Coffee from Puerto Rico returns to OCC!
Hacienda Adelphia, Puerto Rico

Grown in the central “coffee belt” mountains near Maricao, this USA grown coffee makes it back to the OCC bins. While supplies last, you’ll enjoy a fully washed coffee, low acidity, syrupy body, balanced with a sweet finish. Fruity, honey and nutty notes detected. A heirloom gem returns after a 3 year absence!
100% Arabica 29.00 per pound @ RTM

VIP Welcome Basket

The receiver of this coffee gift will enjoy a freshly roasted one pound Old City Blend, one pound Viennese Sumatra, logo paper cups and lids (six each), half pound chocolate covered espresso beans, one stainless coffee scoop, one - one cup filter cone, one box of Filtropa Coffee Filters (100 per box unbleached). Placed in a red fern bowl basket and finished with shrink-wrapping and wired ribbon. Note bow colors may vary. $60.50

COFFEE CAPSULES have arrived to Old City Coffee
2.0 technology compatible K Cups © capsules are coming to your favorite local micro roaster soon!

The cups are fully compatible with most capsule brewers and will are packed with a potent 12 grams
possible one of your favorite brews: Old City Blend.

Old City Coffee is not related to Keurig, Inc. in any way whatsoever

Honeyed Costa Rica Tarrazu returns to OCC April 27th to May 3rd
LaBandola Co-OP in Costa Rica

This “Honey Process” prepped coffee is a very well balanced cup. It has a chocolaty and floral personality that is full-bodied and a sweet cup. The honey process was developed for Italian customers looking for heavier body, lower acidity and a sweeter finish than other coffees from Costa Rica.
Sustainability Notes:
The coffee is certified Fair Trade Organic.(FTO) La Bandola has been able to minimize the use of environmental agrochemicals and they are using native species as shadows, focusing on the protection and improvement of water and soil resources. In addition, coffee pulp is used for the production of organic fertilizers through vermiculture, which produces sustainable plant growth in a simple, cost effective manner.
Cupping Notes: Sweet orange first then, cocoa and honey with a touch of raspberry at end
Process: Semi-washed wet milling with delicate fermentation (Honey Process)
Cost will be $15.00 /$8.00 / $4.25 1/4 lb

Spotlight on Sustainability
Old City Blend is UTZ Certified

Single Origin Coffee

A Single origin coffee is monogenetic bean that came from one species of the shrub coffee arabica. These coffees are generally named after their farm or original geographic home. An example of this is sold by OCC is Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima. The name communicates that the bean originates from an estate farm, the name was given by the farm to differentiate it from other similar beans on the criteria of size and quality.
The farm is 100% organic, without agrochemical inputs. Environmental preservation is a top priority at Nossa Senhora de Fatima. The farm is dedicated to replanting native tress and caring for the indigenous fauna and flora, as well as protecting the native species

Buying and selling single origin coffee is a sustainable practice because of the incentives it provides to coffee farmers. When massive coffee companies purchase coffee they incentivize combining beans to multiply the number of usable products, leading to a lower production cost and a higher profit. Small-batch roasters like Old City Coffee who buy single-origin encourage farmers to grow smaller batches with more traditional and sustainable practices. Without the need to produce exorbitant masses of coffee, farmers no longer need to rely on pesticides, larger amounts of water, and bean processing technology. Single origin production leads to a finer quality of bean while expending fewer resources.

Old City Coffee carries many single origin coffees that are traceable through our direct, responsible, and representative trade. By knowing our farms through on-going relationships, we have an intimate understanding of their particular flavor characteristics. We are also more aware of the green coffee compensation level paid to the growers that is appropriate for superior quality. We want farmers to have an incentive to shade grow great coffee and for our customers to have informed choices. Old City Blend, our best seller is direct trade coffee that is UTZ certified.

Weekly Music Series in the Cafe!
Curtis Institute Students perform at OCC!

Curtis Institute of Music Student Solos
Gratis for Cafe patrons Series is complete for the season!!!

runs through May • 3 pm • Each Sunday afternoon
You’re invited to these non ticketed, free to cafe patrons events!
Very intimate yet casual, giving the instrumentalist room to explore.

Series is complete!!!

See highlight of recents performances on the Old City Coffee You Tube chanell:

Coffee Chats with Commerce
Are you interested in growing your small business?

Open coffee chats to meet your local Business Service Manager and learn about the 0% interest loan program Kiva; scholarship-based business education program, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses; and loans from PIDC.

Tuesday, June 21st 10AM - 1PM
Old City Coffee 221 Church Streeet Philadelphia 19106
Sponsored by: the City of Philadelphia:Dept of Commerce, the Old City District, and Goldman Sachs.

Coffee Specials

August 31st - September 6th: