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Selecting Tea

Selecting Tea

The large variety of tea can be overwhelming, however all teas can be placed in one of these categories:
Fermented: basic black teas, brew these at 212 degrees
Semi-Fermented: Oolong, brew at 195 degrees
Green: (like Sencha) brew at 180 degrees
Herbal tea: not a tea-just natural herbs that are steeped in hot water

Chest Tea

Chest tea refers to the container in which loose tea leaves are shipped in bulk from the county of origin. Historically the chest is a wooden crate stamped with the tea name, grade, date of harvest, and the port of origin. A typical chest weighs between forty-four to seventy-four pounds.

Old City Coffee imports all bulk tea in chest form. “So what?” You say?
The tea packed at origin by the growers is not opened again, save for perhaps customs officials, until it reaches Old City Coffee. This is best way to assure that what you buy is authentic and extremely fresh!

Our Newest Teas

Darjeeling is a large-leafed Indian tea with a heavy red liquor. It boasts a clean, rich flavor with an excellent bouquet.

Taiwan Oolong, a choicest grade is a distinctively fragrant Chinese Tea with a light, peach-like character. The leaves are partially oxidized.

Green Tea

From its humble beginnings in the cup of Emperor Shen Nung 5,000 years ago, tea has played a key role in social and political events throughout history. The 3,000 varieties of tea that are consumed around the world all come from the tropical evergreen known as Camellia sinensis. After harvesting, green tea, unlike black or oolong, is immediately heated and dried. Unlike the oxidation process used for black teas, green tea leaves retain their green color. A potent antioxidant, a flavonoid known as EGCg, found in green tea has been credited with many medicinal properties that are beneficial to the immune and cardiovascular systems. Green tea has approximately one-third the caffeine of black teas, making it a good alternative for those who have adverse reactions to stimulants. Whether you are drinking green tea for its healthful benefits or for its wonderfully fresh, vegetative flavor, we hope you enjoy our selections.


Chai, meaning tea in Hindi, is having a rebirth at Old City Coffee. We blend full leaf South Asian teas, a secret combination of spices, plus a hint of sweetness to arrive at a subtly flavored masala chai, which literally translates to “a blend of two or more spices”. OCC is proud to offer this signature product.

Weekly Special: Ethiopia Guji // Natalie Butts Original Vocals in the Cafe June 30, 3 p.m