Free shipping on orders over $60!

Free shipping on orders over $60!

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Earth Friendly Products & Practices

Old City Coffee is a small, independently owned and operated artisan specialty coffee roaster committed to providing our customers with carefully selected coffee and exemplary service. We are and always have been committed to our city and planet as an active ethical participant and employer through sustainable action. We offer products and practices to encourage reuse to reduce waste and reliance on single-use products.

Recycler’s Discount
Customers can get a .25 cent recycling discount with reusable sleeves or straws! Our coffee bags can be reused for a .25 discount too. If you bring in your own cup; any size espresso and specialty drinks are $.25 cents off, hot coffee is $2 for up to 24 oz, and iced coffee is $3 for up to 32 oz. We give back when you help us save on packaging which means saving energy and reducing landfill waste.

Coffee grounds are many gardeners’ favorite compost ingredient. They break down easily and are a great source of nitrogen. All of the spent grounds from our Church Street store are composted by Bennett Composting.



The burlap sacks that green coffee arrives in are donated to local farms where they are used in paths for weed suppression. We’ve also donated them to Smith Memorial Playground where children use them to ride smoothly on the sliding board! We use our favorites as decoration in the shops too.

 sustainable products


Cups & Mugs
The inside of paper cups are coated and not recyclable, so we encourage customers to reuse them or you can order in at our Church Street cafe to be served in a fancy porcelain cup. We also offer a range of quality travel mugs, thermoses and jars that will give you years of use-think of all of that paper you’ll save over time. Reuse one of our paper cups or bring in your own travel mug for a .25 cent recycler’s discount on refills.

Cup Sleeves
We encourage customers to reuse our cardboard cup sleeves or to purchase one of our reusable felt sleeves, either gets you a .25 cent recycler’s discount. Our cardboard sleeves are made of recyclable and compostable natural kraft paper, printed with water-based, food safe ink. The reusable felt sleeves are all made in the USA from all natural wool fibers.

We encourage customers to go straw-free, and we have reusable stainless steel and bamboo straws for purchase. Bring in your reusable straw for a .25 cent recycler’s discount. We offer paper straws wen we can source them, increased demand can make them difficult to get!

Plastic Lids
Our lids are made of recyclable plastic #5 or #6.

Coffee Stirrers
We use wooden coffee stirrers.

Shopping Bags
We use compostable plastic shopping bags and encourage customers to bring their own bags or to purchase one of our reusable tote bags. The OCC tote bag will give you many years of use, it’s USA made, silk screened canvas.

Coffee Bags
Our kraft paper coffee bags are recyclable and reusable. Bring your empty bag in and receive .25 cent recycling discount on your next pound of coffee.