Tanzania Peaberry Nitin Estate • April 21st - April 27th


Weekly Coffee Special

April 21–27

Tanzania Peaberry Nitin Estate

This is an authentic peaberry brew, which means each coffee cherry only grows one seed, instead of the usual two. According to several expert cuppers, this style of coffee packs more flavor per cup. Enjoy the classic East African taste profile of richness, citrus verve and earthiness!

Notes: Complex and satisfying, bright acidity, full body, black current, cardamom, cola.

Process: washed, sun-dried

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Established in 1985!

Old City Coffee, Inc. was founded by Ruth Isaac in 1985 as a one-person operation. The original location at 221 Church Street in Philadelphia offered freshly-roasted, Arabica beans, brewed coffee, espresso drinks and brewing accessories. Our original mission to supply the public with freshly roasted high-grade coffees, combined with excellent service and competitive pricing, has not changed. This simple but successful formula has been the framework for our continued growth.