Freshly ground is best

If you own a coffee grinder, buy any of our freshly roasted whole beans and grind at home. Conical burr grinders are great, but a blade grinder will work fine too. Burr grinders make very consistently sized grounds. Blade grinders can be use for grinding coffee or whole spices. When you purchase whole beans, ideally you should only buy what you can use in a week. After a week, you may notice a decline in flavor, body or overall quality. Store your beans at room temperature in an air-tight container, out of light. Grind your coffee as close to brewing time as you can. 

If you don't have a grinder at home, have one of our bean-sellers grind your coffee bean purchase in-store. They will ask you what kind of coffee preparation you are planning so that your coffee is ground to your order. This could be anything from french press to espresso. Ground coffee will decline in quality faster than whole bean and should also be kept at room temperature in an air-tight container, out of light.

If we grind your coffee, the grind number will always be indicated on the bag for your reference just in case you want to make a slight adjustment for next time. As always, use this as a guide and go with what tastes best to you!

French Press, Percolator, K-Cup/Capsule, Vacuum, Siphon
#8.5- Chemex
#8-Automatic Drip Flat Bottom Filter (like a Mr. Coffee)
#7-Automatic Drip Cone Filter

#6-Manual Drip, Melitta

#5-Aeropress, Stovetop Espresso, Moka Pot

#4-Pump Espresso


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