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Iced Sun Tea

Equipment & Ingredients:
• (2) Two-quart glass containers
• Strainer
• Four heaping tablespoons of your favorite tea
• Honey to taste

• Add four tablespoons of  tea to a two-quart jar or pitcher of cold water.
• Leave the container on a sunny windowsill for four to five hours.
• When the tea has brewed to a translucent green stir in honey. The lingering warmth of the sun should help the honey dissolve quickly in the tea.
• Pour the tea through a strainer and into the second jar.
• Refrigerate and serve over ice.

• Add crushed mint leaves to the tea as it steeps.
• Add sugar instead of honey for a more neutral sweetness.
• Add lemon, lime or orange slices.


Tea sometimes gets cloudy when the PH balance is upset. Some teas have a high acid content which will change PH when chilled. Lemons and limes can help balance the PH and cure your clouds.

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