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Old City Coffee is serious about whole leaf tea.

Order online or call 1-800-497-1371 x 33

We carry "chest" teas imported directly from notable producing countries. Our selection is representative of the range of teas available. You may search by tea types: Black, Semi–Fermented, Green, Yerba Matte, Herbal and Decaffeinated. Our selections are chosen for top cup quality, freshness and value. Enjoy!

Semi Fermented

Less oxidized (fermented) than black teas, semi-fermented teas like Oolong have a subtle floral aroma. The dried leaves have a greenish brown color, while the brewed tea is a lightly yellow to brown.

Brisk, fragrant Chinese Tea with a light, peach-like character.

The leaves are partially oxidized. Little to say about a wonderful tea!