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Old City Coffee is serious about whole leaf tea.

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We carry "chest" teas imported directly from notable producing countries. Our selection is representative of the range of teas available. You may search by tea types: Black, Semi–Fermented, Green, Yerba Matte, Herbal and Decaffeinated. Our selections are chosen for top cup quality, freshness and value. Enjoy!


This whole dried flower makes a light herbal brew void of caffeine.

Recommended by Mrs. Rabbit to cure a cold.

The dried flower from the flowering bush creates a zingy, slightly tart and tangy brew.

Hibiscus is pleasant hot or over ice.

A blend of chamomile, spearmint and hibiscus which produces a mild, soothing, slightly tart cup of tea.

This herbal tea comes from the South African red bush. It offers a woody taste with vanilla overtones. It has not caffeine, is very high in antioxidants and produces a dark red liquor.

Direct from the middle east these dried spearmint leaves yield a pure minty brew.

Crush the leaves before brewing.

The yerba mate plant is a shrub or small tree from South America.

Steep– do not brew–these dried leaves or twigs in warm water (about 180 degrees). The steeped “mate” is reputed to offer many health benefits. Some users report these benefits; improved mood, increased metal focus, a good detoxifier. Caffeine content varies between 0.3% and 1.7% of dry weight (compare this to 2.5-4.5% for tea leaves, and 1.5% for coffee.