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Old City Coffee is serious about whole leaf tea.

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We carry "chest" teas imported directly from notable producing countries. Our selection is representative of the range of teas available. You may search by tea types: Black, Semi–Fermented, Green, Yerba Matte, Herbal and Decaffeinated. Our selections are chosen for top cup quality, freshness and value. Enjoy!


From its humble beginnings in the cup of Emperor Shen Nung 5,000 years ago, tea has played a key role in social and political events throughout history. The 3,000 varieties of tea that are consumed around the world all come from the tropical evergreen known as Camellia sinensis. After harvesting, green tea, unlike black or oolong, is immediately heated and dried. By skipping the oxidation process used for black teas (often miscalled "fermentation"), the leaves retain their green color. A potent antioxidant, a flavonoid known as EGCg, that is found in green tea has been credited with many medicinal properties. Green tea has approximately one-third the caffeine of black teas, making it a good alternative for those who have adverse reactions to stimulants. Whether you are drinking green tea for its healthful benefits or for its wonderfully fresh, vegetative flavor, we hope you enjoy our selections.

This unusual chinese green tea derives its intriguing appearance from the skillful rolling of tea leaves into tiny pellets.

The brew is strong, with a pale liquor and robust, fruity flavor. Accompanies meals well, and stays fresh longer than other teas.

This classic Japanese tea has a dark green, flat leaf.

As with all Senchas, this is a natural-leaf tea: in this case steamed, and not rubbed. Note the polished appearance. The flavor has a particularly fresh, vegetative quality.

This top shelf tea from China is an example of how fine a green tea can be.

The leaves have been pan-fired and rubbed, leaving a coarse appearance. The yellow-green liquor is very light, the flavor sweet and herb-like.