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Old City Coffee is serious about whole leaf tea.

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We carry "chest" teas imported directly from notable producing countries. Our selection is representative of the range of teas available. You may search by tea types: Black, Semi–Fermented, Green, Yerba Matte, Herbal and Decaffeinated. Our selections are chosen for top cup quality, freshness and value. Enjoy!

Decaffeinated Herbal

  • This whole dried flower makes a light herbal brew void of caffeine.

    Recommended by Mrs. Rabbit to cure a cold.

  • The dried flower from the flowering bush creates a zingy, slightly tart and tangy brew.

    Hibiscus is pleasant hot or over ice.

  • A blend of chamomile, spearmint and hibiscus which produces a mild, soothing, slightly tart cup of tea.

  • This herbal tea comes from the South African red bush. It offers a woody taste with vanilla overtones. It has not caffeine, is very high in antioxidants and produces a dark red liquor.

  • Direct from the middle east these dried spearmint leaves yield a pure minty brew.

    Crush the leaves before brewing.

Decaffeinated Black

  • A fine, fragrant black tea. This tea, from South Asia, undergoes a multi-step process after harvest of withering, rolling, oxidation and firing. Black tea requires a longer or full oxidized enzyme process to create the character, color flavor and aroma. This Decaf Black Ceylon is Co2 processed!