Sunday, May 12 • 3–4:30pm
Old City Coffee, 221 Church Street, Philadelphia, PA
$25.00 • Buy Tickets

Registration required. Tasseomancy (tea-leaf reading) is an ancient way of divining your future. Let's "spill the tea" on how to deeply look into your cup to find out what it foretells. This workshop is perfect for beginners and the curious. Learn basic positions and read for yourself and for others, who knows, it might just come true!

Jenna Matlin, M.S., is the clairvoyant engine behind Queen of Wands Tarot: ( a full-time tarot practice in Philadelphia. Jenna reads for both local and international clients, teaches classes, and coaches small businesses. Jenna is also the author of Have Tarot Will Travel and Have Tarot Will Party, DIY tarot business books focusing on business practices for the tarot professional.

Jenna Matlin was awarded the Tarosophist of the Year Award for 2016 and has spoken at Reader’s Studio, the NorthWest Tarot Conference, and Tarot Con in Dallas, Florida, and Keswick, UK.

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations within 72 hours of the start of class are nonrefundable or transferable. Old City Coffee reserves the right to make changes or to cancel in case of emergency.