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  • Reading-Terminal-Market-Philadelphia-Pennsylvania-food-hall-market

    1893 Blend


    Full bodied with hint of chocolate, cherry and berry.

    STAFF PICK! Our staff says. . .
    “This blend is perfectly roasted to develop deep sweet dark chocolate notes with the good balance between acidity and caramel notes.”
    “I like its dynamic flavor with notes of chocolate and berry.”

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  • occ-coffee-bag

    Bali Blue Moon


    Grown high in the Bali hills, this Arabica has a classic earthy sweet profile! 100% USDA Organic!

    STAFF PICK! Our staff says. . .
    Bali cupping recently got cleaner because it’s now wet processed. It has a good bodied, syrupy hint of hazelnut with black licorice at the end.”
    “I like it’s heavy body and nuttiness!”

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  • Uganda Macro



    Smooth body with brown sugar, peach and nougat notes.

    STAFF PICK! Our staff says. . . 

    “It’s a semi-sweet roast, perfectly balanced.”
    “The blonde roast–its different, its clean.”
    “I like that it’s sweet while also being a little acidic.”


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Weekly Special: Tanzania Peaberry**Lun Li (violin) and Chase Park (cello) Curtis Student Soloist Series 11/1, 3-4 PM