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Ordering Info

A few things you should know before ordering....

Scheduling: Please allow up to 96 hours to fill orders.

Shipping: We ship via UPS daily to any location in the continental U.S. Shipping charge is based weight of your order. Shipping charges and tax will be computed at the time of your checkout. Upon request we will email you the UPS tracking number so you may confirm delivery. IF YOU REVISE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER YOU AGREE TO PAY THE U.P.S. CHANGE FEE OF ABOUT 15.00. REVISED 8/17/11 Thank-you

Substitutions: Due to market conditions, and because we roast our coffees in tiny batches every day, not all varieties are always available. If your selection is not available at the time you place your order, we will substitute a coffee of equal or greater value. Please write in any substitution information in the comment box when checking out.

Questions: Please ask! We're happy to answer questions, make suggestions, and take special requests whenever possible, 1-800-497-1371 x 33. For a complete list of our coffee and tea selections, enter the SHOP section of the site.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If any product is not satisfactory to you, we will correct the problem to the best of our ability, and replace the item.