Old City Coffee is proud to offer our loyal customers a very rare Geisha Coffee from Guatemala! This coffee is in extremely limited quantities and will go quickly, so be sure to stop in soon to get your hands on it.

Originally from Ethiopia, the Guatemala Geisha is an heirloom variety of coffee that made its way to Central America in the 60’s. It quickly became very popular and won many awards for its unique floral and stone fruit notes.


This coffee was grown by the famous Hartmann family, one of the pioneers of specialty coffee production in Panama. The Guatemala plantation consists of 2 ha. of land on a rocky slope above the town of Moyuta, near the Guatemalan border with El Salvador.


Geisha production on the Guatemala farm is only in its fourth year and total production of this coffee for the year topping just over two dozen 69 kg bags. With coffee being sold to Japan, Korea, Australia, and the U.S., we were proud to obtain 3 bags! We hope you’ll enjoy this esteemed coffee which has won multiple awards for cup quality in Guatemala!