Recipes - Old City Coffee


Iced Gunpowder #1 Green Sun Tea

Equipment and Ingredients:
2, two-quart Glass containers
Four heaping tablespoons of Gunpowder Green Tea
Honey to taste

Add four tablespoons of Gunpowder Green Tea to a two-quart jar or pitcher of cold water. Leave this container on a sunny windowsill for four to five hours. When the teas have brewed to a translucent green stir in honey until it is a sweet as you like it. The lingering warmth of the sun should help the honey dissolve quickly in the tea. When the honey is dissolved and the tea is sweet enough for you, simply pour the tea through a strainer and into a second container. Refrigerate and serve over ice.

Add crushed mint leaves to the tea as it steeps.
Add sugar instead of honey for a more neutral sweetness.
Use Jasmine Tea instead of green.
Add lemon, lime or orange slices

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