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No in store demonstrations are scheduled at this time.

Notes from a previous demonstation:

Question: How do I store my coffee to keep it fresh?????

Freshly roasted coffee should be treated like perishable bakery goods or fruit. OCC strives to provide our customers coffee roasted within 24 hours. This is the optimal way to serve coffee! The aroma degrades first, and the “cup quality” will show a loss in overall flavor after a week. Therefore, we recommend purchasing only a one week supply of coffee at a time which will stay “fresh” for 7 days if it is stored properly.

OCC recommends storing your whole bean or ground roasted coffee in a jar with a tight fitting lid. We sell French canning jars, the type fitted with a glass lid and rubber gasket attached to the jar with wire. Before storing coffee make sure the rubber seal is intact and in good condition. Mason canning screw top jars work well also.
Freshly roasted coffee emits C02 for the first 24 hours after roasting, keeping away the oxygen which will eventually make it stale. Oxygen is the enemy of coffee! Buy it fresh and you will be assured of enjoying a brew at its freshest and most flavorful!

Weekly Special: Ethiopia Guji // Natalie Butts Original Vocals in the Cafe June 30, 3 p.m