LaBandola Co-OP In Costa Rica
This “Honey Process” prepped coffee is a very well balanced cup. It has a chocolaty and floral personality that is full-bodied and a sweet cup. The honey process was developed for Italian customers looking for heavier body, lower acidity and a sweeter finish than other coffees from Costa Rica.
Sustainability Notes:
The coffee is certified Fair Trade Organic.(FTO) La Bandola has been able to minimize the use of environmental agrochemicals and they are using native species as shadows, focusing on the protection and improvement of water and soil resources. In addition, coffee pulp is used for the production of organic fertilizers through vermiculture, which produces sustainable plant growth in a simple, cost effective manner.
Cupping Notes: Sweet orange first then, cocoa and honey with a touch of raspberry at end
Process: Semi-washed wet milling with delicate fermentation (Honey Process)
Cost will be $15.00 /$8.00 / $4.25 1/4 lb