WEEKLY SPECIAL • Nicaragua SHG Finca Santa Martha • April 10th - April 16th

• 400 drinks maximum(12 ounces)
• 100 drink per hour capacity.
• 4 hours of service with two attendants.
• Paper cup and napkin service

Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha and Americano
• Drinks are prepared with our award-winning Six Bean Espresso, micro-roasted for your event!
• All drinks made to order with a choice of regular or decaffeinated espresso, and whole or skim milk.

Full Size Espresso _1

Electrical Requirements: 208 volt-20 amp-3 phase or 208 volt 20 amp and 120 volt 20 amp lines.(2)
Options: Mobile cart service-onsite location and requirements will determine costs and availability.
Dimensions: 54" X 30"

Customize your service with these additional treats. Please select Deluxe Espresso Menu or additional items on your quote request and we will contact you to determine price and selection.

Deluxe Espresso Bar Menu:
• Monin flavored syrups
• Whipped cream
• Traditional Biscotti
• Fresh lemon zested to order
• Hot Chocolate
• Soy milk
• Chai (on request)
• Hot Cider
• Fresh flowers on cart
• Iced Cappuccino
• Iced Mocha
• Iced Chai
• Tea Basket
• "Top Shelf" Bean Selection on Specialty Coffee Cart

Chocolate Confections Menu
• French semi sweet ground chocolate with couverture Tobago drops
• Dutch cocoa with house made sweet chocolate sauce
• French white chocolate with Opal chocolate blanco drops
• 1/2 white sauce 1/2 white chocolate chip
• Chocolatta-Bitter sweet dark chocolate ephmere emulsion with couverture
• 1/2 bittersweet sauce 1/2 Tobago drops
• Double caramel ephemere cream
• 2 kinds of caramel sauce
• Ibarra Mexican spicy chunky hot chocolate

Brewed Thermal Containers
Our Cambros are insulated beverage containers with an easy pour spout. They can hold beverages hot or cold for several hours.
Large: holds 50-60 cups
Small: holds 25-30 cups

Additional Items:
• Milk and dark chocolate discs
• Home-style baked goods
• China/linen service: (available through your facility)
• Custom Espresso Blend
• Tea basket: available on request at no extra charge

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