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Full Service Catering

Fully staffed espresso bars, coffee and tea services, special menus and more!

We provide staff to serve your guests, and to set up and remove your service. Old City Coffee has years of experience in a variety of settings; indoors and out, commercial hospitality, important family events, very high volume to intimate gatherings.



Our most popular and versatile service is the Large Table Top Espresso Service that provides 60 quality drinks per hour. It can be easily be configured in most settings. Full Service Catering options can be combined with Self Serve items and a variety of special menus & extras. For example, you can order a tray of cookies with a Large Table Top Espresso Service order.

Browse around our take out options to see what services you need for your event. It is very important to select the appropriate service capacity for your hospitality goals to be fulfilled. Check out our Catering Tips designed to help you plan your event! When you feel comfortable with what you need (or feel the need to talk to someone about your requirements) call us at 215.629.9292 to place your order.

We provide a professional grade espresso machine, grinders, pumps, all supplies and paperware. Our Six Bean espresso is roasted to order for your event in a small German vintage cast iron roaster. All espresso drinks are hand packed and made to order by an experienced and gracious barista.

Questions? Need assisstance in planning your event? email: information@oldcitycoffee.com or call: 215-629-9292 x4.

Weekly Special: Ethiopia Guji // Natalie Butts Original Vocals in the Cafe June 30, 3 p.m