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IVC barbecue Blend


Weekly Special / Blends / Medium Roast / Complex/Deep / Varied
IVC barbecue Blend
July 18th - July 24th

In honor of the International Visitors Council Barbecue on July 19th, We bring you a tri-continental blend of Honduran, Indonesian, and Ethiopian beans. Honduras provides a citrusy, chocolate pop, Indonesia’s Javanese beans have a low acidity with a smooth, rich body, while Ethiopia’s fruity verve brings together the piquant. contrasting flavors. These beans of different flavors can make your mouth feel so great, just like the disparate cultures brought together by the international party. For more information see [ ]   

Sorry, the Weekly Special is only roasted and available on the designated week that the special is scheduled. If you need coffee now, keep searching-there are many other options! Thanks-OCC!
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