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Hawaii Kona-Lions Gate Farms


Pacific Rim/Asia / Medium Roast / Delicate/Mild / Kosher/Halal / Heirloom / Varietals
Hawaii Kona-Lions Gate Farms
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This fancy grade Kona is grown under ideal growing conditions that result in a beautiful, large, even bean. The coffee tastes as good as it looks with a superbly aromatic waft, a medium to low acidity, with a perky tang. The growing and cultivation process is very unique to Kona. Lions Gate Farm grows beans on heirloom trees that are from sixty to one-hundred years old. Like a fine wine grape, age adds body and depth to coffee. The trees are ripe from September through December. Each one of the three-thousand trees must be hand-picked several times during the season. Once picked, Lions Gate pulps and processes the coffee cherry immediately to prevent spoilage. Once milled, Lion's Gate spreads the wet beans out on a hoshidana drying rack for at least seven days. This allows the beans to seal up to preserve the flavor. The coffee in the drying process is called parchment or Kona Gold because a golden skin covers the bean. Once dry, beans are milled to remove the parchment skin, and graded. Only beans whose grade or size that are considered prime or above can be called Kona. The smaller beans in the remainder are considered to be Hawaiian, but not Kona. Finally, green Kona ready to roast. It takes about seven pounds of cherries to create one pound of roast, so we hope you'll enjoy this brew! Lions Gate is offered as a whole bean, 100% Kona in a medium roast.