OCC Supports World Coffee Research
The World Coffee Research (WRC) organization has recently shared some cutting edge findings on Arabica coffee. Coffee Arabica is under pressure in terms of long term sustainability. WCR’s recent research surprisingly
shows that “98.9% of genetic coffee material is the same”! A huge departure from the original wild coffee that was adaptable and disease resistant. WCR’s work will focus on how to deal with lack of diversity, insuring that future coffee plantings will be able to thrive in the reality of a changing climate. What is OCC doing? We are sourcing the majority of our coffee from an Utz certified farm located adjacent rain forest jungle reserve. This farm inter-crops and follows sustainability best practices.
By 2020 we hope to see the fruit of WRC's research (no pun intended) with the introduction of new traditional hybrid coffee families that will grow the premium specialty coffee of the future.For more information: worldcoffeeresearch.org/ and utzcertified.org