-- Chillin' Like The Founding Fathers --

Old City Coffee Serves A Colonial Beverage
Fresh Raspberry Honey Shrub, 20 Ounces of Refreshments

PHILADELPHIA, PA 07/21/17 -- Next time you are strolling the cobblestone streets of Old City when the temperature soars to the high 90's with humidity stats to match, imagine how our Founding Fathers handled the heat?

The summer wardrobe for the colonists -- men and women -- still entailed multiple layers of head to toe coverage and there was no air-conditioned refuge to to which to retreat.
The popular cooling solution was an acidulated beverage of chilled fruits, juices and vinegar, often spiked with Rum or Brandy, and dubbed a "Shrub" ostensibly a garbled pronunciation of the Arabic word "sharab" ... which means "to drink."
As a keeper of great Philadelphia traditions in coffee roasting, brewing and the coffeehouse as a friendly gathering spot, Old City Coffee (OCC) has been serving a record volume of their freshly prepared Raspberry Honey Shrub concoction
Made with fresh Red Raspberries, Apple Cider Vinegar, San Pellegrino, Lemon and Honey, the OCC Raspnerry Honey Shrub is chilled and served fresh daily.
The Raspberry Honey Shrub, and possibly other variations on the recipe, will be offered through September in 20 ounce servings for $5 including tax.