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Below are some of the issues to keep in mind when planning your event and ordering the right catering service to make it a seemless affair. Please contact us for more suggestions of how to make your event special.

Determine your/your client's available dollar budget. Specialty coffee drinks (espresso, cappuccino, etc) are generally more upscale than standard brewed coffee service.

Capacity Per Hour
The main factors in determining the capacity you need are; number of guests, length of time that guests will be at the event, other beverage services available simultaneously to the guest, and the time of day. A few other considerations:
• If espresso drinks or coffee is the only beverage service available, expect to accommodate at least 65% your guests.
• Average guest will consume a drink every 1.3 hours or 3 drinks over 4 hours.
• Consumption is highest in the morning, late afternoons and after meals.
• More iced drinks are consumed in warmer months. Younger demographic groups prefer iced beverages.

Marketing Goals & Visual Considerations
Determine what type of atmosphere and/or theme you or your client want to create; formal, casual, European.
• Uniforms: We have several uniform options for our attendants to suit the style of your event.
• Decorations: The client may want the look of our set up to be integrated into their site or they may want to take advantage of some of our special features. For example; our beautiful copper dome is available for the top of the espresso machine for a formal event.
• Personalized products: The client may want to use their own customized mugs, napkins etc.
• Client/Guest interaction: The client may have a preference as how to pace the service. Does the client want to interact with attendees in line or move them through efficiently?
• Floor Plan: The client may want a specific flow of traffic. For example, condiments and trash bins set up in a remote location.

Successful Logistics
• Book the event as early as possible to reserve equipment and staff.
• Carefully order electric service in advance through exhibitor services.
• Fill out our Catering Event Order Form online and fax or email a floor plan if available to Old City Coffee. Fax: 215.629.4879 • information@oldcitycoffee.com
• Remember that exhibit companies are third party intermediaries. Please make sure that they communicate all options well in advance to the client to avoid last minute decisions or uncertainty.

Site Preparation
Old City Coffee prides itself on its presentation and professionalism. We can set up at any off-site location and bring in a knowledgeable and skilled staff to serve you. Whether you require coffee catering for a formal affair or an informal gathering, we are happy to gear our operations and services to suit your needs.
Please keep a few things in mind about your site:
• A minimum of two hours of access time is required, prior to start of any coffee catering service.
• The client is responsible for the ordering of electrical service and is responsible for paying these charges. It is recommended that the electric service be ordered well in advance.
• The client is responsible for paying charges associated with last-minute changes in location/logistics. Last minute changes can affect service quality.
• Plumbing Service: All of our carts have self contained plumbing and water. In the unlikely event that additional plumbing is required, this is the responsibility of the client.
• Last minute changes: The client is responsible for paying charges associated with last-minute changes in location and/or logistics. Last minute changes can effect the quality of service.
• Floor plan: Fax the floor plan if available to 215.629.4879.
• Trash: Find out in advance if there are enough housekeeping/trash provisions for the space.

Here is a typical rental order for a deluxe menu:
• 10-12 ounce Irish coffee glasses or cups/mugs
• 12 ounce cocktail glasses for iced drinks
• Demitasse cups and saucers
• Demitasse spoons and teaspoons
• Ice teaspoons for ice coffee
• Cloth or party napkins
• Party straws if desired
• 2 each: 8 foot tables
• Linen and skirting for tables
• Sugar bowls with raw sugar cubes

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