Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga Grade #1 • June 9th - 15th

Enjoy our Old-world style coffee and tea service that will make your guests feel right at home.

• 400 drinks (12 ounces)
• 100 drinks per hour capacity.
• 4 hours of service with one attendant
• Paper cup and napkin service

Coffee Menu:
Choose from a large selection of coffees, including flavored and custom blends, micro-roasted for your event

Tea Menu:
We offer a wide selection of herbal and black teas from Harney and Sons Teas, served with lemon, cream and honey.

Electrical Requirements: (2) 220-volt/30 amp/3-ph dedicated services
Options: Coffee can be prepared on or off site, according to client's specifications. Please note: cart location may affect cost.
Dimensions: 40" X 22"

Individual 3 or 5 gallon thermal containers can be ordered here.

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